Jonathan traveled the world researching and writing this book – and he’s got amazing stories to tell!


Jonathan enjoys speaking to audiences of all kinds. He has given talks and keynote presentations at museums, aquariums, yacht clubs, government institutions, book clubs, writing conferences, grade schools, bookstores, and universities. Examples include the Seattle Center for Wooden Boats, the SeaDoc Society, the Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative, The Evergreen State College, Orcas Island High School, and the Padilla Bay Marine Reserve. Sailors, surfers, fishers, divers, kayakers, and beachcombers all know the importance of time and tide, but most people don’t know how complex and poetic the phenomenon is. How do you explain, for example, that the tide is twenty-eight feet on the west side of Panama and only ten inches on the east side? Or that some places see one tide a day, while others see two or even six tides a day? What’s a double high tide, or a double low tide? These are among the topics Jonathan has fun describing, illustrated with photographs and stories — and always in simple, accessible language that emphasizes the tide’s mystery and beauty.


“You’d think an audience full of sailors, kayakers, surfers, fishermen/women and people who live at the coast and walk the beach daily would know about tides. We all learned how much we didn’t know. Jonathan presented a fascinating and informative slide show, talk, and book reading for our Manzanita Writers’ Series to a larger than average crowd. The Q&A could have gone on all night. We’ve been getting kudos about his presentation all week since. Jonathan’s passion for the subject and his depth of research is evident. The book really manages to combine the science and the stories, beliefs, and effects of tides around the world, in an engaging “non-dry” way that keeps you reading.”
– Kathie Hightower, co-founder of the Manzanita Writers’ Series

“Jonathan is a consummate story-teller. It becomes apparent that he lives and breathes ‘Tides’, and carries his fascinating experiences from Europe to China, from northeastern Canada to the tropics as an essential part of his soul. The result is that listeners are emotionally transported with Jonathan to these amazing locations; you feel the excitement and reverence for the combined power of water, earth and moon, the same passion for exploration and understanding. And you’ll have fun, sharing laughter, smiles and amazement-and likely appreciation that Jonathan put himself in dangerous places so you can see and feel what he saw and felt…without personal risk.”
– Jeff Renner, Chief Meteorologist, King-TV, and host of Seattle Aquarium’s “Sound Conversations.”

“Jonathan took the San Francisco Bay Area by storm. An interview on PBS radio the day before, sold out Lecture audience, and outstanding program. The evening was just the right balance between science and adventure, with stunning visuals and interesting stories. His book, and this lecture, received rave reviews.”
– Brian Baird, Director, Coast and Ocean Program- The Bay Institute/Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco, CA


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november 2016

4novnov 47:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amNorthwest Straits Maritime Center - Port Townsend, WAKeynote Presentation

12novnov 129:15 amdec 31- 1:00 amThe Tide Mill Institute Meeting - Chestnut Hill, MAKeynote Presentation

february 2017

4febfeb 47:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amLummi Island Heritage Trust - Lummi Island, WAPresentation (Private Event)

15febfeb 157:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amSouth Sound Estuary Association - Olympia, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

16febfeb 167:00 amdec 31- 1:00 amOatmeal Breakfast Club - Bainbridge Island, WAPresentation for Club Members

16febfeb 167:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amEagle Harbor Book Company - Bainbridge Island, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

17febfeb 177:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amLopez Bookshop - Lopez Island, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

18febfeb 187:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amOrcas Center - Book Launch Party - Orcas Island, WACo-sponsored with Orcas Currents and Darvill’s Book Store

19febfeb 197:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amGriffin Bay Books - Friday Harbor, WACo-Sponsored by San Juan Preservation Trust (Open to the Public)

21febfeb 217:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amVillage Books - Bellingham, WAPresentation co-sponsored with by Northwest Straits Foundation (Open to the Public)

22febfeb 227:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amAnacortes Library - Anacortes, WAPresentation co-sponsored by Watermark Books (Open to the Public)

23febfeb 235:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amPort Townsend Northwest Maritime Center - Port Townsend, WAPresentation co-sponsored with the Northwest Straits Foundation (Open to the Public)

24febfeb 247:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amPort Book and News - Port Angeles, WAPresentation co-sponsored by Feiro Marine Center, Peninsula College and NOAA (Open to the Public)

27febfeb 273:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amMaine Maritime Academy - Castine, MEPresentation (Open to the Public)

28febfeb 286:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amUnity College - Unity, MEPresentation (Open to the Public)

march 2017

1mar12:00 pmdec 31Darling Marine Center, University of Maine - Walpole, MEPresentation (Open to the Public)

1mar5:00 pmdec 31Bowdoin College - Brunswick, MainePresentation (Open to the Public)

2marmar 29:30 amdec 31- 1:00 amBates College - Lewiston, MEPresentation (Private Event)

2marmar 21:30 pmdec 31- 12:05 amUniversity of Southern Maine, Portland - Portland, MEPresentation (Open to the Public)

2marmar 27:00 pmdec 31- 12:05 amGulf of Maine Research Institute - Portland, MEPresentation (Open to the Public)

3marmar 37:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amLL Bean Discovery Speaker Series - Freeport, MEPresentation (Open to the Public)

9marmar 97:30 pmdec 31- 1:00 amMarin Audubon Society - Mill Valley, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

10marmar 107:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amBooks Inc - Berkeley, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

11marmar 111:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amBook Passage - Corte Madera, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

11marmar 115:00 pmdec 31- 9:00 pmOlympic Circle Sailing Club - Berkeley, CA5 PM Reception, 6 PM Presentation (Open to Public)

12marmar 122:00 pmdec 31- 12:05 amSausalito Yacht Club - Sausalito, CAPresentation (Private Event)

12marmar 126:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amPoint Reyes Books - Point Reyes Station, CA(Open to the Public) - Reception at 6 pm, Presentation at 7 pm

14marmar 147:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amSanta Cruz Museum of Natural History - Santa Cruz, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

15marmar 1511:00 amdec 31- 1:00 amMonterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute - Moss Landing, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

15marmar 155:30 pmdec 31- 1:00 amAquarium of the Bay - San Francisco, CA5:30 pm Reception; 6:30 pm Presentation (Open to the Public)

16marmar 167:15 pmdec 31- 1:00 amLA Public Library ALOUD Speakers Series - Los Angeles, CAIn Conversation with Jon Christensen of the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

18marmar 182:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amLa Jolla Riford Library, La Jolla, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

21marmar 217:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amOregon Museum of Science and Industry - Portland, ORPresentation (Open to the Public)

24marmar 247:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amPolitics and Prose - Washington, DCPresentation with Tristan Gooley, author of HOW TO READ WATER

30marmar 306:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amHerreshoff Marine Museum / America’s Cup Hall of Fame - Bristol, RI6:00 pm Cocktails, 7:00 pm Presentation (Open to the public)

31marmar 317:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amHarvard Bookstore - Cambridge, MAPresentation (Open to the Public)

april 2017

3aprapr 36:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amThe Explorers Club - New York, NY6 PM Cocktails, 7 PM Presentation ($25 ticketed event, Open to the Public, includes Wine, Beer, Fruit, Cheese)

4aprapr 46:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amNew York Yacht Club - New York, New YorkPresentation (Private Event)

5aprapr 56:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amHudson River Community Sailing - New York, NYPresentation (Open to the Public)

6aprapr 67:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amSeattle Aquarium - Seattle, WashingtonPresentation (Open to the Public)

6aprapr 67:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amSeattle Aquarium - Seattle, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

17aprapr 177:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amEvent Co-hosted by Pickering Creek Audubon Center & Talbot County Bird Club - Easton, MD (Venue TBD)Presentation (Open to the Public)

20aprapr 2012:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amLibrary of Congress - Washington, DCPresentation (Open to the Public)

21aprapr 217:00 amdec 31- 1:00 amCalifornia Surf Museum - Oceanside, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

23aprapr 231:30 pmdec 31- 1:00 amLA Times Festival of Books - Los Angeles, CA"Memoir: Exploring the World" - Panel discussion with Mark Kurlansky and Tom Lutz, moderated by Chris Daley

25aprapr 257:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amNorth Cascades Audubon Society - Bellingham, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

may 2017

2maymay 27:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amMethow Conservancy - Winthrop, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

3maymay 36:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amMechanics' Institute - San Francisco, CAPresentation with James Nestor, Open to the Public

4maymay 47:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amMt. Diablo Audubon Society - Mt. Diablo, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

10maymay 107:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amHarbor History Museum - Gig Harbor, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

11maymay 117:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amNorth Coast Watershed Association - Astoria, ORPresentation (Open to the Public)

13maymay 1311:30 amdec 31- 1:00 amSan Juan Preservation Trust - Friday Harbor, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

17maymay 1712:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amDel Rey Yacht Club - Marina Del Rey, CAPresentation (Private Event)

17maymay 177:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amMalibu Library - Malibu, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

18maymay 187:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amSanta Barbara Museum of Natural History - Santa Barbara, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

20maymay 207:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amWriting workshop and presentation at Manzanita Writer Series - Manzanita, ORWriting workshop and presentation (Open to the Public)

30maymay 307:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amAquarium of the Pacific - Long Beach, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

31maymay 317:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amManhattan Beach Library - Manhattan Beach, CAPresentation (Open to the Public)

june 2017

5junjun 57:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amOMSI Event (held at Old World Deli) - Corvallis, ORPresentation (Open to the Public)

6junjun 66:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amOSU Hatfield Marine Science Center presents "Science on Tap" - Newport, OR"Science on Tap" at family-friendly Brewers on the Bay - doors open 5:15, presentation at 6:00

8junjun 87:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amCozmic Pizza & Productions - Eugene, ORPresentation (Open to the Public)

21junjun 217:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amWells Reserve at Laudholm - Wells, MEPresentation (Open to the Public)

22junjun 221:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amGreat Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve - Greenland, NHPresentation (Open to the Public)

22junjun 227:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amCamden Public Library - Camden, MEPresentation (Open to the Public)

23junjun 237:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amBoothbay Harbor Yacht Club - Boothbay Harbor, MEPresentation (Open to the Public)

24junjun 245:30 pmdec 31- 1:00 amConnecticut Fund for the Environment - Save the Sound - at RJ Julia Booksellers, Madison, CTPresentation (Open to the Public)

25junjun 251:00 pmdec 31- 4:00 pm"Meet the author" at "Merroir & Terroir - An Afternoon of Oysters & the Drinks They Love" event at Madison Wine Exchange, Madison, CTMeet the Author (no formal presentation, no book sales)

26junjun 269:00 amdec 31- 1:00 amUnited States Coast Guard - New Haven, CTPresentation (Open to the Public)

26junjun 266:30 pmdec 31- 1:00 amProvidence Public Library - Providence, RIPresentation (Open to the Public)

27junjun 277:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amPortsmouth Public Library - Portsmouth, NHPresentation (Open to the Public)

28junjun 287:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amMaria Mitchell Association, Nantucket, MAPresentation (Open to the Public)

29junjun 297:00 pmdec 31- 12:05 amKatharine Cornell Theatre - Vineyard Haven, MAPresentation Co-sponsored by Vineyard Haven Public Library and Sail Martha

30junjun 3011:00 amdec 31- 12:05 amMystic Seaport - Thompson Exhibition Building, Masin Room - Mystic, CTPresentation (Open to the Public)

30junjun 306:00 pmdec 31- 12:05 amMystic Seaport - Thompson Exhibition Building, Masin Room - Mystic, CTPresentation (Private Event)

july 2017

1jul11:00 amdec 31Mystic Seaport - Treworgy Planetarium - Mystic, CTPresentation (Open to the Public)

10juljul 105:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amTHE CONFEDERATION CENTRE OF THE ARTS - Charlottetown, PEI - Canada - Co-Sponsored by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Confederation Centre for the ArtsPresentation (Open to the Public)

11juljul 1110:00 amdec 31- 1:00 amHopewell Rocks - Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick, CanadaPresentation (Open to the Public)

11juljul 112:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amChapters Bookstore - Dieppe, New Brunswick, CanadaBook signing (Open to the Public)

11juljul 115:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amResurgo Place - Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada - Co-Sponsored by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Resurgo PlacePresentation (Open to the Public)

12juljul 121:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amSunbury Shores Art & Nature Center - St. Andrews, New Brunswick, CanadaPresentation (Open to the Public)

13juljul 135:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amNEW BRUNSWICK MUSEUM - Saint John, New Brunswick - Canada - Co-Sponsored by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the New Brunswick MuseumPresentation (Open to the Public)

14juljul 1412:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amK. C. Irving Environmental Science Centre - Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, CanadaPresentation (Open to the Public)

14juljul 145:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amHALIFAX CENTRAL LIBRARY - Halifax, Nova Scotia - Canada - Co-Sponsored by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and Halifax Public LibraryPresentation (Open to the Public)

august 2017

6augaug 63:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amWaldron Island Land Trust - Waldron Island, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

30augaug 308:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amOMSI After Dark: Oceans - Portland, OregonPresentation (Open to the Public)

september 2017

8sepsep 810:00 amdec 31- 5:00 pmThe Wooden Boat Festival - Port Townsend, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

12sepsep 127:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amSeattle Town Hall - Seattle, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

13sepsep 1311:45 amdec 31- 1:00 amSt. Francis Yacht Club - San Francisco, CAPresentation (Private Event)

19sepsep 191:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amPacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association - Welches, ORConference Luncheon Presentation

november 2017

14novnov 148:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amCoast Guard Academy - New London, CTPresentation (Open to the Public)

15novnov 157:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amThe Florida Aquarium - Tampa, FLPresentation (Open to the Public)

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