Jonathan enjoys speaking to audiences of all kinds. He has given talks and keynote presentations at museums, aquariums, yacht clubs, government institutions, book clubs, writing conferences, grade schools, bookstores, and universities. Examples include the Seattle Center for Wooden Boats, the SeaDoc Society, the Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative, The Evergreen State College, Orcas Island High School, and the Padilla Bay Marine Reserve. Sailors, surfers, fishers, divers, kayakers, and beachcombers all know the importance of time and tide, but most people don’t know how complex and poetic the phenomenon is. How do you explain, for example, that the tide is twenty-eight feet on the west side of Panama and only ten inches on the east side? Or that some places see one tide a day, while others see two or even six tides a day? What’s a double high tide, or a double low tide? These are among the topics Jonathan has fun describing, illustrated with photographs and stories — and always in simple, accessible language that emphasizes the tide’s mystery and beauty.

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4novnov 47:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amNorthwest Straits Maritime Center - Port Townsend, WAKeynote Presentation

12novnov 129:15 amdec 31- 1:00 amThe Tide Mill Institute Meeting - Chestnut Hill, MAKeynote Presentation

4febfeb 47:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amLummi Island Heritage Trust - Lummi Island, WAPresentation (Private Event)

15febfeb 157:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amSouth Sound Estuary Association - Olympia, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

16febfeb 167:00 amdec 31- 1:00 amOatmeal Breakfast Club - Bainbridge Island, WAPresentation for Club Members

16febfeb 167:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amEagle Harbor Book Company - Bainbridge Island, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

17febfeb 177:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amLopez Bookshop - Lopez Island, WAPresentation (Open to the Public)

18febfeb 187:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amOrcas Center - Book Launch Party - Orcas Island, WACo-sponsored with Orcas Currents and Darvill’s Book Store

19febfeb 197:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amGriffin Bay Books - Friday Harbor, WACo-Sponsored by San Juan Preservation Trust (Open to the Public)

21febfeb 217:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amVillage Books - Bellingham, WAPresentation co-sponsored with by Northwest Straits Foundation (Open to the Public)

22febfeb 227:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amAnacortes Library - Anacortes, WAPresentation co-sponsored by Watermark Books (Open to the Public)

23febfeb 235:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amPort Townsend Northwest Maritime Center - Port Townsend, WAPresentation co-sponsored with the Northwest Straits Foundation (Open to the Public)

24febfeb 247:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amPort Book and News - Port Angeles, WAPresentation co-sponsored by Feiro Marine Center, Peninsula College and NOAA (Open to the Public)

27febfeb 273:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amMaine Maritime Academy - Castine, MEPresentation (Open to the Public)

28febfeb 286:00 pmdec 31- 1:00 amUnity College - Unity, MEPresentation (Open to the Public)

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